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NOTE: Urbanity is still being developed. For updates and more information, please join my Discord server.

In the distant future, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction: ecological collapse, global radiation, uncontrollable disease, and devasting natural disasters have made the planet practically inhospitable. However, one optimistic scientist, Dr. Asha Grover, has a plan to save humanity: Project Ur. Sadly, she died before she could finish, along with the rest of her species. But in the end, humanity didn't perish alone — with recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, "sentient" robots roam the world alongside humans, helping with everything from construction to child care. When Tick, Dr. Grover's personal robotic assistant, finishes her work in her stead, the robots that humanity left behind are given the second chance their creators wasted: to go back in time to the Archean eon, before multi-cellular life existed on planet Earth, and rebuild from the ground up.

Urbanity is a social simulation RPG inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, but with a sci-fi spin. In Urbanity, you play as one of the many task-capable robots sent back in time, and you must help your colony complete build projects through activities like mining, farming, fishing, crafting, and socializing with your fellow robots.

Despite their appearance, the members of your colony are anything but robotic. Each robot in your colony has a unique personality with countless tangents, questions, and quests. And yes, of course, you can date them.

Ur was a large continent for its time, so there's a lot more for you to explore outside of just your little town. Other colonies within your conurbation offer rewarding or shocking surprises.

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