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Week 17 - Camelot
Weekly Update #17 - Camelot The second miniboss, Camelot, is here! He's still missing a bit of what we have planned for him, but he's definitely playable. Added...
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Week 16 - Fortune Cookie
Weekly Update #16 - Fortune Cookie There was a large hotfix last Sunday that fixed an exploit with dailies, so here's everything that was added on Sunday: Secur...
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Week 15 - Rock
Weekly Update #15 - Rock Camelot's art inches closer to being done, so I added some weapons and stuff in the meantime. Four new guns: Rock, SMG, Bread Loaf, and...
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Week 14 - Pool Cue
Weekly Update #14 - Pool Cue Oh boy. This week is a game changer. Removed ammo types. All guns have their own individual max ammo and use one of its ammo per sh...
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Week 13 - Modeling Clay
Weekly Update #13 - Modeling Clay This update is all about passive items! Added 7 new passives: Dreamcatcher, Purple Hoodie, Lighter Fluid, Modeling Clay, Cucko...
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Week 12 - Bush
Weekly Update #12 - Bush This week I was away from my PC to take a proctored exam, but nothing can stop us from making an update! Houses have empty rooms, so ba...
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Week 11 - Ring
Weekly Update #11 - Ring This is a fun update that adds finished achievements, a challenges page, and some more content. Added a new passive item: Ring. Added a...
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Week 10 - Empty Can
Weekly Update #10 - Empty Can And we're back in the swing of things! This update has a lot of tweaks and fixes to keep the game presentable as we move forward...
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