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Week 39 - Jelly Slime
Weekly Update #39 - Jelly Slime This update adds some quick optimizations and visual attention. Lots of art is being worked on, inside and outside of Vast Forec...
Week 38 - Ammo Box
Weekly Update #38 - Ammo Box I've been spending some time on other projects and dealing with a lot of bank issues, but nothing will stop me from doing something...
Week 37 - Sundae
Wow I can't believe there hasn't been an update all decade. Obnoxious acknowledgement of the new year aside, this update finally adds a way to spend your Luna...
Week 36 - Luna
Weekly Update #36 - Luna This week brings a finished tutorial, reworked Luna gain, and some fun new content. This week also made some progress towards a lot of...
Week 35 - Yellowjacket
Weekly Update #35 - Yellowjacket This update focuses on some mechanics for enemies and other fun stuff. Added a new enemy to Planetree Pasture: Yellowjacket. Sh...
Week 34 - Rodent Blood
Weekly Update #34 - Rodent Blood With the help of Mymsm and everyone else in the Discord I was able to iron out countless bugs and issues. This update addresses...
Week 33 - Straw and Rope
Weekly Update #33 - Straw and Rope This update adds some new content and makes major changes to houses and chests. NOTE: This update WILL wipe your progress. To...
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Week 32 - Backpack
Weekly Update #32 - Backpack Idle animations and a few major changes make this update pretty great. Added idle animations for the characters! Changed Backpack...
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