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Week 49 - Bait Caster
Weekly Update #49 - Bait Caster Another teeny one, but we'll get back into the swing of things eventually. Finally renamed Light Shotgun to Bait Caster. Fixed e...
Week 48 - Palm Tree
Weekly Update #48 - Palm Tree Been playing Animal Crossing busy so haven't had too much time to work on Vast Forecast, but next week should be larger. Fixed a b...
Week 47 - Mag Dump
Weekly Update #47 - Mag Dump Sandspring tiles begin their adventure! New passive item: Trigger Hand Brake. Gun levels scale differently to more closely match en...
Week 46 - Snorkel
Weekly Update #46 - Snorkel Back at'cha with another update! This one focuses on cleaning up and finishing everything with the new tiles. Rewrote reflections. R...
Week 45 - Planetree Pasture
Weekly Update #45 - Planetree Pasture This is it: the moment we've all been waiting for! The tiles are... well... a fifth of the tiles are done! Planetree Pastu...
Week 44 - Cherry
Weekly Update #44 - Cherry Welp. Not much to say here. Many heavy optimizations. Especially regarding the effects of Cherry and Sundae...
Week 43 - Ladybug
Weekly Update #43 - Ladybug This update contains new content and lots of fun changes. Unfortunately, the tiles are still unfinished. Two new passive items: Lady...
Week 42 - Bogwood Basin
Weekly Update #42 - Bogwood Basin Unfortunately, this update is another hotfix compilation. There's some fun new stuff as well, though. New music! New menu them...
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