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Week 26 - Mushroom
Weekly Update #4 - Mushroom This has been a busy month for me. I haven't had much time to get things done. Hopefully these long-awaited changes are good enough...
Week 25 - Grenade Launcher
Weekly Update #25 - Grenade Launcher Like I said last week, this update is a little on the smaller side. Fixed more issues with broken tiles. Let me know if you...
Week 24 - Sol
Weekly Update #24 - Sol The game is very pretty now. Added dynamic lighting. Even indoors and at daytime! The game is overall darker. I felt like the game was t...
Week 23 - TV Remote
Weekly Update #23 - TV Remote There hasn't been a bug fix bonanza in a while, so this update is just that. We're still working hard on minibosses! Expanded upon...
Week 22 - Cracked Cookie
Weekly Update #22 - Cracked Cookie We're back with another weekly update! This time around, I focused on areas of content that needed attention. Consumables and...
Week 21 - Sawbuck
Weekly Update #21 - Sawbuck What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than a chainsaw-wielding beaver? Sawbuck (the first Chillytop Mountains miniboss) has b...
Week 20 - Chaos Cannon
Weekly Update #20 - Chaos Cannon Today is a milestone for many things. Twenty consecutive weekly updates is one thing, but we also hit fifty passive items and a...
Week 19 - Attachment
Weekly Update #19 - Attachment This is one of the larger updates we've had recently, but it's pretty scattered. Four new consumables: Small Sol, Armor, Golden C...
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