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Updates on hold until further notice
Hey . After 57 weeks of weekly Vast Forecast updates, I need to take a break. Vast Forecast is currently in a position where the major steps forward are in the...
Week 56 - Cuckoo
Weekly Update #56 - Cuckoo I'm waiting for the day where the update notes are just "changed the version number." Touched up Cuckoo's new animation from last wee...
Week 55 - Cardboard Box
Weekly Update #55 - Cardboard Box A whole lotta nothin'. New passive item: Cardboard Box. It's exclusive to trash cans, like Empty Can. Added geysers to Sandspr...
Week 54 - Candy Heart
Weekly Update #54 - Candy Heart Small one. Been working on some other things. Enemies charmed by Consciousness now have a blue icon instead of a pink one. Respr...
Week 53 - Consciousness
Weekly Update #53 - Consciousness Alright folks. This is a big one. A really big one. Added a new special passive item: Neurax Worm. This is the second special...
Week 52 - Sandspring Barrens
Weekly Update #52 - Sandspring Barrens Happy Vast Forecast anniversary! We've got a rather large update to celebrate. Unfortunately the game still isn't in the...
Week 51 - Pitstop Pass
Weekly Update #51 - Pitstop Pass Next week is the anniversary! Also, I hope you enjoyed last week's April Fools' joke. Pitstop Pass has a sprite now. Resprited...
Week 50 - Landline
Weekly Update #50 - Landline Happy fiftieth week! Wow, that's almost a year. Expect week 52 to be an anniversary update. It will release on the 17th of April. W...
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