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Week 33 - Straw and Rope
Weekly Update #33 - Straw and Rope This update adds some new content and makes major changes to houses and chests. NOTE: This update WILL wipe your progress. To...
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Week 32 - Backpack
Weekly Update #32 - Backpack Idle animations and a few major changes make this update pretty great. Added idle animations for the characters! Changed Backpack...
1 file — 32
Week 31 - Old Watch
Weekly Update #31 - Old Watch Back at you with another update! Frightwatch has been given some more attention. The ghosts now fire bullets at you. Frightwatch h...
Week 30 - Attachments
Weekly Update #30 - Attachments I slacked off a little this week, but Ice made up for it by making his grand return. Added some tree and rock variants. Mostly f...
1 file — 30
Week 29 - Encouragement
Weekly Update #29 - Encouragement Back for another week. Bringing you a couple more items and some overdue changes. Two new passive items: Encouragement and Deo...
Week 28 - Frightwatch
Weekly Update #28 - Frightwatch This update is a day early. Happy Halloween! Similarly to last year, the timing worked out, and we managed to get Frightwatch in...
Week 27 - Black Hole
Weekly Update #27 - Black Hole I finally had enough time to start working again. This update isn't very spooky, so I promise the next one will be. Two new passi...
Week 26 - Mushroom
Weekly Update #4 - Mushroom This has been a busy month for me. I haven't had much time to get things done. Hopefully these long-awaited changes are good enough...
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