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A Heightened Plight

A Heightened Plight is a strategy survival game where you must sacrifice various useful items in order to reach the ground safely. The weight of your hot air balloon is as important as food and water.


  • Twelve different items with unique uses, all of which can be released from the balloon to decrease weight.
  • Five lovable family members, including a dog! Which ones will survive?
  • Three different birds that interrupt gameplay in unique ways.


  • Food, water, and gum! Gum is nutritious, right?
  • A first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Who knows when you might need them?
  • A trash can. Gotta organize it somehow.
  • A radio that gives you valuable information. Too bad it weighs a lot.
  • A telephone that allows you to call for reinforcements. There are some items that you don't start with.
  • There is a lot more to find! Play for yourself!


  • Programming, music, and sound design by DecadeDecaf.
  • Art by CatnipOverdose.
  • No prior code or art assets were used. No drag & drop was used. All sound samples were recorded by us within the time frame.

Software Used:

  • GameMaker Studio 2 (engine and programming)
  • Aseprite (pixel art)
  • Paint.NET (promo art and logo)
  • FL Studio 20 (music)
  • Audacity (sound design)
  • Github (source control)

View the source code!

Install instructions

Extract the zip anywhere and then open the exe file.


A Heightened Plight.zip 12 MB

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