This is not a game by itself. This is a minigame for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (which you can buy here) where you collect items to start the actual game with.


Follow the instructions on the screen. When you finish, open Isaac and give yourself the items with the command console. You can open the command console with the ` key (located above Tab and below Esc) and you can give yourself items by typing giveitem followed by a space and the ID.


Since you start with 10 free items, there needs to be a little bit of a challenge. I suggest playing as Isaac without the D6. When you actually start up your Isaac run, I suggest skipping ALL item rooms and boss items. This would mean you'd normally skip about 12 items. You can play however you want, though.


The minigame ends when you get 10 items, so removing bad items is a very good idea. It's also a good idea to only hold onto one active item, considering you're wasting a slot otherwise.


Isaac Party is compatible with NatoPotato's Loadout Runs mod. This mod allows you to start custom runs very quickly. To use it, press 'C' on the final screen, copy the popup message, and paste it in the isaac console with the Loudout mod on.


All code by DecadeDecaf. Art assets are from the Isaac games. Heavily inspired by Olexa's Wheel of Isaac series on YouTube, go check it out.

Made withGameMaker: Studio

Development log


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This is a very good idea. The only issue I had was that the item mom's perfume had a colon at the end of it.


you should add a reload button. It may sound unnecessary, but I think the additional button help.


hey, is there a way to make this app suitable for phones? id really like to use it on mobile because i wouldn't have to switch windows to type in console items' ids 


I was considering adding android support, but I would have to redo the controls. Planning on updating this in a bit.