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Afterthoughts is a frequently-updated collection of games. Each game was originally developed in 72 hours or less for the Ludum Dare, but has been updated since then to include any afterthoughts I had about them. You can find the original games on my itch profile.

Since Afterthoughts is a game about updates, there is an advanced in-game update note system that catalogs all of the afterthoughts I have. Whenever an update is released, more afterthoughts are added to a list, which can be filtered in various ways.

About the Games

A Heightened Plight is an action strategy game where you have to manage the weight of a plummeting hot air balloon by sacrificing potentially useful items.

Transfusion is a puzzle game where you have to transfuse blood between creatures so they can traverse different terrain.

Vacuity is a element combination game where you have to experiment and explore to create the world around you.

Mollie is a platformer where jumping separates you from your skateboard.


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