Afterthoughts Update #1

Since Afterthoughts has in-game update notes, I'll be using development logs to briefly mention the major changes and talk about my plans for the next update.

For the first Afterthoughts update, I decided to make easy changes to things that have bothered me for a long time. Nothing in this first update is that much of a game-changer. The biggest change was giving the graffiti in Mollie some depth so it appeared in the background. The funniest change, however, was the removal of a developer shortcut that allowed you to skip levels in Transfusion, because it also allowed you to skip into Vacuity. Once you were in Vacuity, you could then skip into Mollie, allowing you to beat Mollie in under 10 seconds.

As for the next update, I plan on improving the controls in Transfusion as my first major goal. I have other plans, but this is my top priority for Afterthoughts.

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