Week 53 - Consciousness

Weekly Update #53 - Consciousness

Alright folks. This is a big one. A really big one.

  • Added a new special passive item: Neurax Worm. This is the second special passive item after Sundae.
  • Added four new guns: Pocket Cardbine, Solid-State Drive, Consciousness, and Deadeye. Pocket Cardbine and Solid-State Drive are variants, like Double Handgun.
  • Added a new consumable: Unlit Bomb.
  • Added achievements for Pepperoni Pizza, Maneki-neko, Landline, Double Handgun, Pocket Cardbine, and Solid-State Drive.
  • Revamped the menu UI! Buttons are smaller and closer together. Buttons no longer wrap around to the right side of the screen because they don't need to. A text-only wide version of the logo is seen on most pages above the buttons; the version number has been moved to be under this logo. Shrunk a lot of the text to match the buttons and moved some stuff from hugging too close to the sides of the screen. Removed the effect where buttons pushed each other, but kept the button grow animation. Buttons now only grow to 1.5x their original size instead of 2x. Slider boxes always reach the end of the button text. Moved the challenges page to the main menu so you don't have to press "new run" every time. Moved the binding buttons to a deeper page in the controls settings, so they feel less cramped. Changed the open alpha screen to say "Notice" instead of "Vast Forecast Open Alpha," since it immediately follows up with that info.
  • Added the option to switch between WASD, arrows, and IJKL. Added the option to switch between left stick, d-pad, and right stick. Fixed certain common keys appearing as "unknown key." You can now bind W, A, S, and D to things.
  • Pressing any key to skip the intro animation or advance to the main menu now automatically sets your controller settings. Now I don't have to unplug my controller every time I play Vast Forecast!
  • Reworked how the game displays visual effects. The intention was to fix certain visual effects not being pixel-perfect. This primarily affects lighting, weather effects, the health bar, the temperature meter, the clip size visual, and some text scaling. A result of this rework is that screenshake now mildly shakes the UI.
  • Cleaned up enemy drawing. Combo elites no longer have a dual-color outline. The charm, Fungun, and elite icons can all co-exist on the same enemy.
  • Enemy hitboxes are now padded so enemies are a bit easier to hit. This doesn't affect contact damage. Small enemies like Bee have more padding than others.
  • The tutorial now uses a consistent seed. Added the ability to skip the tutorial from the pause menu. Lowered the opacity of dialogue boxes. Fixed a bug from last week where the tutorial would crash the game.
  • Small packs now restore 10 HP and 10% ammo instead of 5 HP and 5% ammo by default. Resourcefulness still increases these numbers by 5.  Fixed an oversight where small ammo packs would scale with your max ammo.
  • Put a heavier emphasis on gun rarity. The intention is to make guns that are less reliable show up less often. Variants are now weighted a little bit higher compared to the base gun.
  • Changed orbital speeds to be more varied. Tiny Gift and Dreamcatcher are much slower than before. Made the delay effect for orbitals less dramatic.
  • The fortunes Fortuned and Revealed are considered "bad" since they aren't infinitely usable.
  • Added 8 new fortunes: Gilded, Cracked, Informed, Surprised, Unlocked, Locked, Armored, and Stripped.
  • Fixed an issue with Maneki-neko and getting the Confused fortune.
  • Maneki-neko is now an uncommon.
  • Lowered the chance for Deodorant to charm by a considerable amount, but it can now stack infinitely. The stack has been changed to behave like most other items.
  • Robot Vacuum has been given a lot of attention, including finished visuals, proper interaction with water, much better pathfinding, and particle effects. Robot Vacuum now disables deathrattles if it kills.
  • Disposable Camera stacks now increase the size by a lesser amount.
  • Added slight variation in the visual effect for wind.
  • Added some particles to Bread Loaf's knife.
  • Fixed a major pathfinding bug where enemies would get stuck in corners. Pathfinding is overall better now.
  • Fixed a bug where wind worked indoors and didn't consider enemy weight.
  • Heavily optimized tiles. There was an oversight from the recent rework.
  • Fixed a bug where Ladybug would exponentially add knives to Bread Loaf.
  • Fixed a bug where Wand and Boombox would have reflections.
  • Fixed a bug where invisible Cuckoos would have reflections.
  • Fixed a bug with special items and stacking logic.
  • Fixed a bug where locked items wouldn't spawn on dailies, making the seeds different.
  • Fixed a bug where Hard Drive could have negative ammo after reloading a different gun.
  • Fixed a bug where scales animated incorrectly.

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