Updates on hold until further notice

Hey. After 57 weeks of weekly Vast Forecast updates, I need to take a break.

Vast Forecast is currently in a position where the major steps forward are in the sprite art department. As a programmer, many of the goals I want to meet are ideally met alongside the goals that the artists have. CatnipOverdose has been working on tilesets for every single world since January, which is great, but he understandably has less experience with tiles and has a bit of a split focus with other art projects, games, and real life. That's fine. However, this puts me in a spot where I can't contribute in major leaps in a way I'm comfortable with.

Nobody in our development team has worked on a marketed game before, so our methodologies, communication, and grasp of scope and direction are far from perfect. For example, IceThatsCool is in an unfortunate position where Cat is mostly handling the tiles, and nothing else needs to be done. He constantly asks me for goals and tasks, but I often come up empty handed.

That being said, I decided I need to stop releasing weekly updates until the tiles are finished. Hopefully once those are done, we'll be able to get back into the swing of things. See you then, and we appreciate all the support over the last couple years.

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