Update 57

We're back! Onward, updates will no longer be weekly. Instead, we'll release updates when we finish stuff.

  • Finished the tile rework! The game looks really pretty now. Well, except for houses. That's our next priority.
  • Along with the tiles and decor, many aspects of the overworld's visuals have also been improved. Namely objects like trees, cauldrons, barrels, and pumpkins.
  • New gun: Ill Hive.
  • Added a death screen. The game no longer forces you to restart immediately after dying.
  • Resprited Rubber Gloves, Mushroom, Fungun, Leaky Pipe, Backpack, Briefcase, Dog Tag, Carrot, and Black Hole.
  • Made lots of fixes and adjustments to how objects spawn in the overworld.
  • Drops now avoid the teleporter and spread apart more naturally.
  • Yellowjacket has a bit more HP and can only use its attack a max of 3 times.
  • Items automatically re-roll themselves if they don't stack. For situations involving Hand Mirror and Modeling Clay.
  • Lots of small fixes and adjustments since the last version.

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