Week 55 - Cardboard Box

Weekly Update #55 - Cardboard Box

A whole lotta nothin'.

  • New passive item: Cardboard Box. It's exclusive to trash cans, like Empty Can.
  • Added geysers to Sandspring Barrens (not Oasis) that cool you off. Quicksand still works, but geysers are just as effective as campfires.
  • Updated Cuckoo. It has a separated sprite, cool new visuals and animations, and a bigger hitbox.
  • Reworked Bandana. It is now shot-based instead of bullet-based, so it's not useless on multi-shot weapons. Changes to its logic make it easier to manage and better overall.
  • Reworked Purple Hoodie. It now reflects enemy bullets when you swap your temperature. Its old effect has been removed.
  • Resprited Bricks & Clay.
  • Fixed a bug where the sunshine effect would be stuck in the top right corner. Made the sunshine effect more transparent.

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