Week 22 - Cracked Cookie

Weekly Update #22 - Cracked Cookie

We're back with another weekly update! This time around, I focused on areas of content that needed attention. Consumables and abilities.

  • Three new consumables: Cracked Cookie, Briefcase, and Escape Rope.
  • Added nine elites and removed layered elites. Added elite combos. Level 2 elites spawn much later.
  • The Planetree Pasture A, Sandspring Oasis A, and Chillytop Mountains A themes have been revamped.
  • Fortune Cookie results are now revealed after using them.
  • Reworked momentum and most character abilities. All passive abilities except for Backpack have been removed.
  • Mag Dump can be cancelled early, and allows you to step in a direction after using it.
  • Go Fish now carries over a small amount of momentum after grappling. The Fishing Rod has a bit more speed.
  • Go Fish can grab items.
  • You can now launch yourself in a direction with Pyrotechnics to deal damage to enemies.
  • Kitchen Knife is slightly slower while visible so it's easier to time shots.
  • While Angler is grappling and while Alexandra is pouncing, they are considered flying and aren't affected by lakes.
  • Removed useless keywords from existing on guns.
  • Reworked wind to feel better.
  • Changed armor visuals to be part of the health bar.
  • Added an outline to Sawbuck's slash animation.
  • Fixed lag with TV remote.

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