Week 23 - TV Remote

Weekly Update #23 - TV Remote

There hasn't been a bug fix bonanza in a while, so this update is just that. We're still working hard on minibosses!

  • Expanded upon the command console by adding a command to spawn enemies and other improvements.
  • Added better sprites for TV Remote, Armor, Candy Heart, Rubber Gloves, Chlorophyll, and Dumbbell.
  • Fixed an issue where Purple Hoodie wasn't using the game's palette.
  • Fixed an issue with Sawbuck's attack timing.
  • Fixed a bug where many visuals wouldn't appear with TV Remote active, including night time and weather.
  • Fixed a bug where the a certain daily modifier would give Ammo Boxes instead of Fortune Cookies.
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting elites could teleport out of houses.
  • Lowered the amount of water splash particles for certain things.
  • Optimized and limited Leaky Pipe and Ink particles.

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