Week 24 - Sol

Weekly Update #24 - Sol

The game is very pretty now.

  • Added dynamic lighting. Even indoors and at daytime!
  • The game is overall darker. I felt like the game was too bright.
  • Added water reflections.
  • Revamped the visuals of the tiles. Dirt is less noisy, Sandspring tiles connect properly, ice is shiny, Bogwood is a shade darker, etc.
  • Improved shadows.
  • Added grass, flowers, seashells and snow clumps to the world.
  • The daytime menu background has been lowered by a shade.
  • Rain and wind lines are partially transparent. Sunshine visuals are more transparent than before.
  • New moons are now just a visual thing and have no effect on gameplay. Will anyone miss these?

Small note: I'm entering the Ludum Dare, so next week might not have too much. If you wanna watch me make a game in two days, visit the #coding channel in our discord!

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