Week 27 - Black Hole

Weekly Update #27 - Black Hole

I finally had enough time to start working again. This update isn't very spooky, so I promise the next one will be.

  • Two new passive items based off of two of my Ludum Dare games: Landline and Black Hole.
  • New resource consumable: Luna. A persistent currency to counterbalance Sol. Nothing to spend Luna on yet
  • Added chance chests. Spend a key to test your luck.
  • All enemies now have a chance to drop Sol. Sol gained from particles (scrapping and Ring) is no longer gained instantly.
  • Minibosses now drop a room reward.
  • Shop prices have been adjusted to counter the excess Sol.
  • Added better temporary sprites for Cracked Cookie, Dog Tag, Briefcase, and Escape Rope.
  • Chests no longer drop as room rewards. Chest spawn logic in the overworld has been simplified.
  • Adjusted some consumable rarities.
  • You can now check your total stats on the stats page instead of only individual characters.
  • Fragile Soul no longer grants spectral.
  • Rock charges slightly faster.
  • Fixed a bug where Mushroom would make you shorter instead of taller.
  • Fixed a bug where Attachment could drop past its stack limit.

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