Week 28 - Frightwatch

Weekly Update #28 - Frightwatch

This update is a day early. Happy Halloween! Similarly to last year, the timing worked out, and we managed to get Frightwatch in the game this week.

  • Added Frightwatch: the first Bogwood Basin miniboss. As a reminder, we're not finishing the minibosses until later so we can work towards making more progress.
  • Added a placeholder tutorial with a dialogue box system. It doesn't really teach you anything for now.
  • Added a placeholder teleporter that spawns after the Bogwood Basin boss that allows you to finish the run.
  • New gun: Vacuum Cleaner.
  • New Chillytop Mountains enemy: Sparka.
  • Small HP packs now give 5 HP instead of 10 to match small ammo packs' 5%. Resourcefulness adds 5 HP to small packs instead of 10.
  • Camelot has 150 HP instead of 200.
  • Clay Slime has 8 HP instead of 10.
  • Leaky Pipe, Jumping Plague, and Old Watch now have better sprites. No more black and white passives!
  • Removed a few elite types: cold, warm, maple, teleport, and lock. Heal and crown are now as common as the rest and can be combo-ed.
  • Fixed a bug where Pepperoni Pizza didn't do what it was supposed to do, and actually just made it so certain rare elite types could be combo-ed.
  • Fixed a weird logic bug with Paddleball. It should be slightly easier to use.
  • Fixed a bug where spectral guns could have the bouncy keyword.
  • Fixed a bug where intentional game freezes from things like Disposable Camera wouldn't freeze sprites, causing some animations to play for too long. This was noticeable on explosions and melee slices.

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