Week 31 - Old Watch

Weekly Update #31 - Old Watch

Back at you with another update!

  • Frightwatch has been given some more attention. The ghosts now fire bullets at you. Frightwatch himself can go into his lantern and appear somewhere else.
  • Added a generation screen between levels.
  • Added unique rocks to each world.
  • Added more cacti variants.
  • Resprited Old Watch.
  • Fixed objects spawning too close to spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where Trent could use Paddleball and Vacuum Cleaner while invisible.
  • Fixed a softlock with charming Frigthwatch's minions.
  • Fixed issues with knockback. Wyatt and Alexandra should no longer be able to cheat through doors.
  • Fixed a palette issue with Rob.
  • Made sprite changes to some object variants and Frightwatch.
  • Fixed a crash when something spawned while the game was paused somehow.

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