Week 32 - Backpack

Weekly Update #32 - Backpack

Idle animations and a few major changes make this update pretty great.

  • Added idle animations for the characters!
  • Changed Backpack, Alexandra's passive, to make a backpack spawn on the map that gives the random consumable. There is some fun visual attention for this one!
  • Completely rewrote houses to make optimization easier. There might be some bugs while we make this transition.
  • Added a fourth hallway to houses and lowered the number of rooms for the top hallway.
  • Added an animation for entering and exiting the teleporter.
  • Frightwatch's idle animation has been changed to remove the flame from the lantern.
  • Dumbbell, Attachments, Ring, and Contact Lenses resprited.
  • Fishing Rod and Fireworks automatically upgrade like starter weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes spawn too close to objects.
  • Fixed a bug with freezing enemies, specifically Sawbuck.


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Version 32 Nov 30, 2019

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