Week 33 - Straw and Rope

Weekly Update #33 - Straw and Rope

This update adds some new content and makes major changes to houses and chests.

NOTE: This update WILL wipe your progress. To recover your progress, go to: "AppData\Local\VF_Restructure" and move everything from that folder into "AppData\Local\Vast_Forecast".

  • Four new passive items: Maneki-neko, Straw and Rope, Sticks and Shrubbery, and Bricks and Clay.
  • New new guns: Assault Rifle and Airsoft Gun.
  • New chest type: trash can. It gives a random amount of Sol from 10-15 It's totally not an excuse to reuse the sprite.
  • Changed the number of enemies that can appear in rooms from 1-3 to 0-4.
  • Doors no longer lock you out of rooms.
  • Guns can no longer be scrapped.
  • Enemies can drop up to 3 sol instead of 1.
  • Return pads no longer automatically scrap drops.
  • All chests have been moved to indoor rooms.
  • Touched up most tiles. Wall tiles in Planetree, Chillytop, and Bogwood appear larger to better reflect their hitboxes.  Sandspring wall tiles connect to each other a lot better.
  • Simplified generation. All floors generate the same way now. This fixes bugs with Chillytop and weird tiny Sandspring floors.
  • Resprited Small Sol to look less like Luna.
  • Resprited Sandwich. Don't worry, it's still a sandwich.
  • Entering the ending portal plays the credits.
  • Updated the credits.
  • Fixed Backpack spawning in walls and indoors.
  • Changed the informative description of Empty Can to reflect the gun scrap change.
  • Fixed bugs with Paddleball. It also synergizes with shooting affects like Markers and Scythe, among other things.
  • Added missing descriptions to Deodorant and Encouragement.
  • Fixed countless house bugs.


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