Week 34 - Rodent Blood

Weekly Update #34 - Rodent Blood

With the help of Mymsm and everyone else in the Discord I was able to iron out countless bugs and issues. This update addresses lots of problems, but still adds a bit of content.

  • Two new passive items: Binoculars and Rodent Blood.
  • Tried out a simple, yet huge optimization. The game no longer spawns trees or places tiles outside of the area you can possibly see. This might allow users to see the edge of the world in some situations. If this is the case, I will adjust this.
  • Controller settings will now automatically turn on and off when a controller is plugged or unplugged.
  • Controller can now navigate the pause menu.
  • A controller deadzone of 10% has been enabled so controllers are less sensitive to small tilts.
  • Enemies are now attracted to Trent's clothing and cigarettes, making Undress and Dash a little more dangerous.
  • Ring has been reworked to make enemies drop more Sol rather than give you Sol when you take damage.
  • Rubber Gloves now has visuals to show when it's dealing damage.
  • Removed Escape Rope. It's still in the game as an undroppable consumable because it is useful for if you get stuck.
  • The chill effect is now less effective on minibosses compared to normal enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where charming the Frightwatch ghosts would softlock the game and allow Frightwatch himself to shoot.
  • Fixed a bug where indoor Bee elites would softlock the game and cause charmed enemies to behave strangely.
  • Fixed a bug with Rubber Gloves where rain and snow would count towards the originally hit enemy being wet.
  • Fixed a crash with using Contact Lenses on a trash can.
  • Fixed visual issues with gun reflections.
  • Fixed bugs with using active abilities while holding a Paddleball.
  • Fixed a bug where if you had Sandwich and Dreamcatcher, it was possible for an enemy shot to home in on you.
  • Fixed bugs with Maneki-neko by hardcoding Granted, Robbed, Emptied, and Drained to use a less exponential algorithm.
  • Fixed a bug where you could leave footprints and trample flowers while flying.
  • Fixed a bug where an empty Bread Loaf would loop the reload animation.
  • Fixed an exploit with Robot Vacuum. Being invisible as Trent, using Snorkel, or using Rodent Blood will not allow Robot Vacuum to deal damage.

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