Week 35 - Yellowjacket

Weekly Update #35 - Yellowjacket

This update focuses on some mechanics for enemies and other fun stuff.

  • Added a new enemy to Planetree Pasture: Yellowjacket.
  • Shops are now flower pods and have unique visuals for each rarity.
  • Enemies now have a hidden stat that determines how much Sol they can drop.
  • Bees, Snowhoppers, and Small Poison Slimes are now automatically pierced through.
  • Charmed enemies that spawn other enemies will now carry over the charm.
  • Scrolling over items in your inventory will outline the item and display their info box.
  • Cleaned up the UI for info boxes.
  • Made small improvements to the tutorial. Added a setting to replay the tutorial.
  • Locked achievements are now silhouettes. Fixed a few unobtainable achievements.
  • Added missing sprites for Airsoft Gun, Assault Rifle, and Rodent Blood.
  • Decreased the rarity of Clay Slimes. This was an oversight.
  • Fixed a bug where an opened door could close if you went in a different direction.
  • Fixed a bug where trees/cacti on Sandspring Oasis could despawn while indoors.
  • Fixed a bug where the weather forecast reset on each floor.
  • Fixed a bug with Paddleball's string.

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