Week 40 - Cardboard Crown

Weekly Update #40 - Cardboard Crown

Hey everyone! This update contains a lot of awesome stuff! However, the tiles are currently undergoing a rework, so the game looks very bad. Oops! I hope you can deal with it until the tiles are finished.

  • Added co-op! This update might've been the worst time to add co-op, but hey, at least it exists! You can access it from the menu. Currently, both players must play as the same character, but this will be changed in the future.
  • Added a new passive item: Cardboard Crown.
  • Reworked tiles to add tile depth and the ability for water and other liquids to go under walls. This is still a process, so bear with us.
  • Rock no longer drops and can only be found the alternative way. Increased that chance from 0.5% to 1%.
  • Added dud bombs. Bombs have a 1% chance to dud. Dud bombs can be picked up and used as a weapon.
  • Added visual bullet prediction to Pool Cue.
  • Scrapping passives now gives 10 Sol instead of 5. Empty Can increases this number by 10 Sol instead of 5.
  • Added an open alpha disclaimer to the main menu.
  • Added two new weather events: Fog and Rainbow.
  • Added a loading screen for going in and out of houses.
  • Added special visuals for Airsoft Gun, so that it's more clear when you cannot kill the enemy. Increased Airsoft Gun's knockback.
  • Touched up the Sundae sprite.
  • Renamed Extra Arm to Biceps and changed the cryptic description.
  • Everything uses a system I implemented called precision movement! Now all player/enemy movement works the same way.
  • This means tile bounding boxes are more accurate. No more inconsistent tile collision.
  • Campfires hurt enemies and you properly now.
  • Cactus objects don't hurt you anymore because they can only spawn on walls.
  • Xandra Pounce now properly calculates the acceleration change, so horizontal and vertical pounces are just as long as diagonal pounces.

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