Week 41 - Shirt Pocket

Weekly Update #41 - Shirt Pocket

There were a few hotfixes throughout the week. This devlog is just a combination of all the hotfixes, taken directly from Discord, where they were written. Sorry if they aren't as punctual or informational as the normal update notes.

  • Shirt Pocket's informative description now accurately says "10%" instead of "10".
  • Fixed door hitboxes not updating when they reopened after a cleared room.
  • Heavily re-optimized obstacles (specifically trees) because week 40 ruined them a bit.
  • Fixed wall tiles not placing properly near spawn.
  • Fixed an oversight with generation. This may result in more open spawn locations.
  • Fixed reflecting and deflecting not working when you had Pool Cue.
  • Heavily optimized player movement and fixed getting stuck in walls.
  • ACTUALLY fixed campfire damage, I promise this time.
  • Fixed muzzle flashes and casings being generated from things like Markers. This was always a bug, but Cardboard Crown and the Pool Cue changes made it obvious this was a problem.
  • Fixed stuff becoming invisible when you went in/out of houses.
  • Added alternate placeholder tilesets so you can at least tell what floor you're on.
  • Buffed Ink and Leaky Pipe by giving the drops bigger hitboxes. Also added an alternate drop particle to reflect this.
  • Leaky Pipe now only stacks once.
  • Mousetrap stuns properly instead of doing a weird chill thing.


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