Week 42 - Bogwood Basin

Weekly Update #42 - Bogwood Basin

Unfortunately, this update is another hotfix compilation. There's some fun new stuff as well, though.

  • New music! New menu theme and some rearranging of the Bogwood themes. Bogwood A&C have been revamped, while Bogwood B (the theme that started with the loud cymbal crash) has been replaced by a new theme. It's possible that the new menu theme is temporary, we'll see.
  • Attachment keywords are now whitelisted instead of blacklisted. There are much less combinations, but the overall quality of the combinations is much higher.
  • I individually tested every single gun and scrubbed Pool Cue clean of every last bug.
  • Fixed objects spawning in pools.
  • Fixed pumpkin hitboxes not updating once they had been shot.
  • Elevated objects (objects on walls) have been offset 8 pixels upwards so that they appear higher than ground objects.
  • Fixed being able to leave the map with Rodent Blood.

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