Week 43 - Ladybug

Weekly Update #43 - Ladybug

This update contains new content and lots of fun changes. Unfortunately, the tiles are still unfinished.

  • Two new passive items: Ladybug and Neatly Folded Shirt.
  • Rewrote rooms. Chest chances are based on the room instead of the house, so they should be a bit more common. Rooms can be various different sizes and contain cover.
  • Weapon scrapping has been reworked to get with the times. It's mostly the same. You press the scrap button instead of holding it. This doesn't work while you're standing on top of a passive, of course. You also drop the weapon on the floor instead of scrapping it and you are not given your starter until you drop your last weapon. Unfortunately this creates a few situations where you can farm infinite starter weapons onto the floor, but there's pretty much no reason to do this because the only possible benefit from doing this is giving you more targets to reroll into guns.
  • Bread Loaf has been reworked. The bread spin animation is 3 frames long instead of 6. There's a slightly slower shot speed than before, but it has more range to compensate. The shot offset is based on remaining clip size, so the shorter the Bread Loaf gets, the closer the bullets shoot from. Most importantly, the melee slice has been replaced by a butter knife. The butter knife slices at a 90 degree angle from the bread. It pierces and does slightly more damage than the bread, but it has less range and shot speed.
  • Fuzzy Dice has been reworked. Basically instead of changing a drop's ID, it deletes it and spawns a new thing. This makes my life easier, and probably fixes a few bugs.
  • Rewrote tile/object collision entirely to be much more precise and avoid getting stuck in walls. The biggest result of this is that doors should have much more accurate hitboxes.
  • Doors open faster.
  • Added a system for water to be made of tiles instead of a gigantic rectangle. Added water depth to the temporary tiles.
  • Added a few more keyword possibilities for some guns. Added "double" as a keyword.
  • Rewrote how reload-switching works for guns like Cardbine, Pill Bottle, and the paintball guns so that no gun shares a name with another.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets would not delete themselves upon entering and exiting a house.
  • Fixed a bug where charmed enemies and followers would not teleport to the player upon entering and exiting a house.
  • When Cardboard Crown was added, a system was made for damage modifiers to not scale off of each other. Chlorophyll now uses that system.
  • Ghost faces from Cherry and glasses from Pepperoni Pizza elites will now reflect in water properly. This includes Cardboard Crown and Sundae interactions. They will also properly sink based on how deep the enemy is, so quicksand doesn't strangely snap them.
  • String sway is now bullet specific, so having multiple Fishing Rod hooks and Paddleball balls visually works.
  • Fragile Soul doesn't break visual interactions and doesn't grayscale elite icons from Cardboard Crown.
  • Chill no longer visually overrides poison. They can blend together.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets would pierce through pumpkins and barrels.
  • Fixed a bug where challenges would carry over to daily runs.
  • Fixed a visual inconsistency with the temporary Bogwood mud tiles.
  • Fixed a bug where Pool Cue, Markers, and some other items could mess with Bandana's logic.
  • Fixed a bug where Rob could infinitely slide backwards while using Mag Dump.
  • Fixed a bug where Hand Mirror wouldn't clone certain aspects of an item, including whether or not it was made of clay, whether or not it was a boss reward, and which attachment keyword it had.
  • Fixed a bug where Fuzzy Dice wouldn't remember certain aspects of an item, including whether or not it was made of clay, and whether or not it was a boss reward.
  • Fixed a bug where gained Luna wouldn't save after a run if you watched the credits.
  • Fixed a bug where non-stackable purple items could continue to drop.
  • Fixed a bug where charmed enemies could appear as edible if you had Cherry.

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