Week 47 - Mag Dump

Weekly Update #47 - Mag Dump

Sandspring tiles begin their adventure!

  • New passive item: Trigger Hand Brake.
  • Gun levels scale differently to more closely match enemy scaling. This is to prevent a spike in difficulty on Sandspring and to balance weapon upgrades better.
  • Pyrotechnics' self-blast has been reworked. You now travel MUCH further and can cancel your movement with an insta-rocket. Hitting walls or enemies that you don't kill bounces you out of the self-blast. Heavily increased the size of the rocket's hitbox to make it easier to blast yourself. Pyrotechnics' self-blast damage now scales like your starter and fireworks.
  • Mag Dump doesn't touch your accuracy anymore. Mag Dump can be used on insta-reload and charged weapons properly. This includes melee. Mag Dump no longer respects the weapon's firing mode (auto/stall); all weapons are auto.
  • Separated Sandspring into Sandspring Barrens and Sandspring Oasis. These are alternate floors of each other, and determine the enemies, weather, and tiles. The tilesets for these worlds are being worked on.
  • Weather is now world-specific. Most weather has been moved to be exclusive to a world or two. New moons can now be overwritten by other weather. Removed the 6:00 and 12:00 text and replaced them with the name of the weather. Added back wind and added a stormy weather.
  • Light Shotgun has been rethemed to be a bait gun. It has not been renamed yet.
  • Damage values for ALL weapons are a bit different, due to a change in the algorithm. This shouldn't change the balance that much, but it benefits slower guns. This also acts as a minor Chlorophyll buff and bug fix.
  • Changed the deceleration and timing for bombs.
  • Boombox has a neat fadeout animation.
  • Bow arrows poof when they miss. Arrows no longer stick to objects (but they still stick to enemies).
  • Lowered the particle count on Cardbine chip poofs.
  • Increased Spider Rifle damage.
  • Lowered the range of Laser Gun and Spider Rifle to match Sniper Rifle.
  • Resprited Fishing Rod and Black Hole.
  • Added sprites for Neatly Folded Shirt and Wigged Balloon.
  • Renamed Straw and Rope, Sticks and Shrubbery, and Bricks and Clay to use ampersands instead of the word "and."
  • Dreamcatcher's informative description is now accurate.
  • Fixed possible crashes with enemies shooting various bullets.
  • Crowbar and Blaster now function properly on other characters.
  • Bow now insta-reloads properly. This fixes a UI bug.
  • Fixed Angler's grapple not playing the full animation.

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