Vast Forecast v0.5.0

This is the biggest update yet, no question. It's also the first update where I'll be using Itch to write the update notes. The main focus of this update was the weather events and new pallete, but there are tons of awesome changes you can read below.

Content and Additions:

  • Day and night cycle. Forest Mages spawn less often during the day and more often at night.
  • Rain can occasionally start and stop.
  • Wind that pushes players can occasionally start and stop.
  • Added a chargebar for charged weapons and Bob's active with melee weapons.
  • Added medium grass that acts like tall grass but it's shorter.
  • Lots of progress was made with the mod support, including the ability to use the json files for adding guns, passives, and characters.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Every single sprite in the gosh darn game repaletted. The game now uses a unified palette.
  • Every character has been resprited and their animations have been completely revamped.
  • Guns can now be held with both hands, or no hands. Depends on the gun!
  • The logo on the main menu and the application icon have been changed to reflect the new name.
  • Going inside/outside causes the music to change.
  • Clouds spawn as intended. They've actually been able to spawn on-screen since the resolution change all the way back in 0.0.4!
  • Chewing Gum's visual effect only works once now. I'm so sorry
  • Tree's cap now uses depth correctly and can splash in water like grenades.
  • The geyser on the main menu has more frames in its animation.
  • The guns that players hold no longer have subpixels.
  • The helicopter in the cutscene now zooms in a cleaner way. Minor touchups have been done to the inside of the helicopter.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Cy's passive changed to much lowered defense in water instead of taking damage in water. Rain lowers his defense also.
  • Angler's Strong Mind effect changed to make the speed up work with rain, but not as much as lakes. Removed the fire rate up thing.
  • Angler's active now stuns the enemy it catches for a second.
  • Bob's active takes less time to use due to the animation change.
  • Gun levels are based on world. For now, you'll only see level 1 and 2 weapons.
  • Passives that don't stack will now only spawn once. Passives that stack a limited amount of times will only spawn that many times.
  • Trees can no longer be chopped down and instead they sometimes drop branches when shot. Trees can rarely drop normal items and guns.
  • Decreased Emergency Gun's fire rate (made it worse).
  • Lowered Handgun's ammo cost again.
  • Changed the algorithm for Shield's defense buff.
  • Candy Corn can now only spawn passive items.
  • Decreased the max speed you could get from from Track Shoes.
  • Attachment no longer gives a speed upgrade when holding the upgraded gun.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Sick Skull actually works as intended now.
  • Paddleball, Boombox, and the Fishing Rod now damage other players properly. The Fishing Rod now functions similarly to how it does in singleplayer.
  • Forest Mage's book and the Tree's cap now have a minimum initial force to fix issues with low-knockback weapons.
  • Optimized the visual structures and foliage to only display while on the screen.

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