Vast Forecast v0.5.3

This update adds a lot of crucial stuff that was requested forever ago, like audio settings and different resolutions. There's also new content!

Content and Additions:

  • Three new passives: Straw and Rope, Sticks and Shrubbery, Bricks and Clay.
  • Four new guns: Paintball Gun, Paintball Shotgun, Paintball Rifle, Colt. The paintball guns aren't entirely done, so they don't drop yet.
  • You can now punch. (You can now melee if you don't have a gun.)
  • Reworked the menu. Now there are audio settings and the option to change the resolution.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Enemies and trees now have shadows. The player's shadow has been adjusted to match.
  • The red color used in the healthbar (and various other places) has been changed to match the new palette.
  • Buttons on the menu are a bit smaller.
  • Removed bullet fades. Bullets without animations just disappear.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Trench has been changed. Instead of dropping a weapon when turning invisible, being invisible heavily lowers his defense. This is a risky downside that I hope is a bit more fun.
  • Smoke Mole now has a chance to go underground early without throwing a bomb.
  • The screenshake setting is now a slider instead of a button. The max screenshake has been increased by a bit.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Crowbar opening golden chests incorrectly.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with Slimes and Smoke Mole having the Blinded effect.
  • Fixed a bug where charged weapons carried over the charge when the player picked up a new weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where melee weapon animations would end too early.


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Jul 30, 2018

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