Vast Forecast v0.6.0

It's here: the biggest update to Vast Forecast yet!  Along with using a new engine, this update has a ton of new content, changes, and fixes.

Content and Additions:

  • The project has been entirely migrated to GameMaker Studio 2. Before this, we were using Gamemaker: Studio 1.4. I'm highlighting this because the game got significantly improved in performance.
  • Houses appear on all worlds. They have unique appearances for each world.
  • The inside of houses have been completely reworked. Various combinations of enemies can now spawn inside houses, and you have to kill all of them to escape.
  • Different types of trees now appear on all worlds and generate similarly to Planetree Isle.
  • Added two passive items: Sandwich and Vampire Dentures.
  • Camelot miniboss added to Sandspring Oasis. Camelot also appears in Chillytop Mountains and Bogwood Basin temporarily.
  • Pine Tree enemy added to Chillytop Mountains.
  • Dead Tree enemy added to Bogwood Basin.
  • Added a scale that allows you to pick between two passive items.
  • Added an anvil that allows you to upgrade a gun.
  • Droughts and floods can now happen in Sandspring Oasis. These are weather events that affect lakes.
  • Blizzards can now happen in Chillytop Mountains. For now, it's just reskinned wind, but we might do more with it later.
  • Thunderstorms can now happen in Bogwood Basin. For now, it's just a combination of rain and wind, but we'll add more dangerous stuff later.
  • Added a /spawn command that allows you to spawn almost anything. Example: /spawn obj_SmokeMole
  • You can now drop keys on the ground by pressing the use consumable button.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Lumps of snow now appear in Chillytop Mountains.
  • Short grass now appears in Bogwood Basin. Like Planetree Isle but darker.
  • Dead flowers now appear in Bogwood Basin.
  • The outsides and insides of houses have a much different appearance. The lock on locked houses has also been changed.
  • Tree and Cactus have been touched up to fit with the new tree enemies.
  • Bullet fade/hit animations are now way smoother and feel way better. The main bullet and the snowball bullet are most affected by this.
  • Enemy bullets have been resprited.
  • Trees no longer lose their cap when they die, they just die normally like other enemies.
  • Changed how Dendromancer's book acts to make it less random.
  • The second half of Bob's active animation has been changed to be the same speed as the first half.
  • Lakes, quicksand, ice, and mud shapes are now less choppy.
  • Boombox's shockwave now slows down when it reaches its max range.
  • Sprite depth has been cleaned up from the GMS2 migration. This mostly affects the player's held gun.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Wyatt's active has been reworked to allow firing rockets in quick succession by holding the active button. He no longer loses HP from using it, but he becomes immobile while using it. Wyatt's rockets now follow his mouse instead of nearby enemies, have less range, can no longer be shot down, and can be used at any time.
  • Grenades from the Grenade Launcher and Wyatt's Rockets now explode earlier like Smoke Mole's bombs.
  • The player now has a few frames of contact immunity between taking hits of contact damage to avoid instantly dying when touching a swarm of enemies.
  • All types of chests can now spawn inside houses instead of only the first two.
  • Enemies now cancel their knockback when they hit a solid object, so they don't get stuck inside them.
  • Enemies no longer spawn off of the map.  Even though this was intentional, it caused more issues than it solved.
  • The player can no longer spawn inside/on lakes, quicksand, ice, or mud.
  • Tall grass is now more similar to tree generation, and can't hide consumables on the ground.
  • Dendromancer and Bush now have the same shot speed and range as Trees.
  • Houses are now more common and spawn more consistently.
  • Locked houses are now slightly less common.
  • Altered the rarity of chests to make room for the scale and anvil.
  • Snow Crickets are now slightly less common.
  • Bricks and Clay now does something, since houses can have enemies now.
  • Boombox can chop grass now.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where having two or three guns of the same level would cause your gun inventory to mess up.
  • Fixed a bug where lakes, quicksand, ice, and mud would spawn in a diagonal line instead of in completely random spots.
  • Fixed a bug where Bushes would take double knockback.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bush's death animation would jitter again.
  • Fixed a bug where respawning with the /kill command would start your next run with an incorrect time.
  • Fixed a bug where Abacus and other items would cause a weird softlock with reloading.
  • Fixed a bug where dust from Vacuum Cleaner wouldn't go through solid objects like trees.
  • Fixed a bug where Robot Vacuum wouldn't follow the player when you entered and exited a house.
  • Fixed a bug where Smoke Mole would have a rare chance to drop two items.
  • Fixed a bug where Cactus would look like Tree for the first half second after he spawned.
  • Music now loads in a different order, so the Menu theme should play immediately instead of stalling.
  • SFX have been set to 0% by default until they're actually good.
  • Removed the /miniboss command.

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