v0.7.0 - LAN Multiplayer is Back!

Here comes another gigantic progress update right after v0.6.0. We must be crazy. Anyways, this update reintroduces LAN multiplayer, and has some major gameplay changes coming with it. The most notable addition is that every character's active ability is now dual-purpose to allow for some cool movement and dodging. There might be some issues with the online play, because it's been a while since we touched multiplayer. Stick with us! I've also decided to start naming the updates, because that gives a nice overview of what was added.

One more thing; I still have no confirmation on whether the epileptic screen glitching is fixed, so keep waiting if you are photosensitive.

Content and Additions:

  • LAN multiplayer is back, and it utilizes the lobby system that will be used in online multiplayer. No typing IPs or ports!
  • Angler's active ability received a major rehaul. Firstly, Angler can hook onto trees, chests, houses, and more to grapple himself around. Secondly, enemies and players are now attached to the hook whenever they are caught, so you always reel them right next to you. Lastly, enemies are now stunned when they reach you instead of when they get hooked.
  • Wyatt's active ability has also received a rework. You can now choose when to detonate the rockets, and the rockets can be used to fling yourself around. The rockets fire immediately, however, there isn't any concecutive fire, only one rocket can be out at once.
  • Trench's active ability now allows you to dash while invisible, dropping a cigarette and slightly revealing yourself. Trench no longer gets a speed upgrade while invisible.
  • Xandra's active ability was completely changed, the entire granola bar mechanic has been removed. It's now a pure movement ability in the form of a pounce that allows you to dodge bullets.
  • New passive: Snorkel.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Xandra's animations have been touched up.
  • Angler's animations have been touched up.
  • Guns now animate when reloading. Removed the reloading charge bar.
  • The "connecting..." text is now the same size and location as the "generating..." text.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • All speed upgrades, including those from pink paint and the watch items, have been downsized to matter less. All characters now start with a bit more speed. Angler's speed passive has been changed to be more consistent.
  • The knockback on Bob's active now scales to the gun's fire rate.
  • BB+ reloads slower and charges faster. It has 4 ammo in the clip instead of 3.
  • Shot Pistol is now automatic and has 3 ammo in the clip instead of 4. It has more shot speed and the shot speed varies like Shotgun.
  • Boomerang acts more similarly to the Fishing Rod.
  • LAN lobbies last for (temporarily) 5 minutes now, since the new floors exist.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Chaos Cannon could fire fishing hooks and RC rockets.
  • Fixed a bug where the character selection sprites would be wrong for a frame.
  • Fixed a bug where walking out of houses would mess up the music in worlds 2-4.


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Sep 23, 2018

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