v0.7.1 - Experimental Ammo

We're experimenting with some ammo changes! Also, I can confirm the screen glitching is finally fixed.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • The max ammo for every character has changed from 100 to 300.
  • All characters except Bob start with 100 ammo, Bob starts with 300.
  • Ammo boxes give 150 ammo instead of 50.
  • Small ammo packs give 25 instead of 10.
  • Ammo cost for all guns has been balanced. Most guns use 0.5, 1, 2, 3, or 5, depending on the fire rate.
  • Sniper Rifle, Paintball Shotgun, Paintball Rifle, and Spider Rifle all have 1 ammo in the clip and lower reload speeds.


Vast Forecast v0.7.1.zip 22 MB
Sep 24, 2018

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