v0.7.2 - Less is More

This update probably removes more than it adds, but I promise it's for the better!

Content and Additions:

  • Actual sound effects are slowly but surely being implemented. Some of the *ahem* old sounds are still present, but they'll eventually be replaced.
  • New weapon: Fungun.
  • Trench's passive ability has been completely changed. The old one was hard to tell when it actually worked, so it has been replaced with a new passive ability called recon. This ability allows him to reveal more of the map, similarly to Breadcrumbs. This also means that Bread Loaf's knife doesn't do any extra damage from the back.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Water reflection is back, and OH BOY is it better. Check it out for yourself!
  • Removed medium grass. It was just poorly drawn tall grass.
  • Ink's color is now brighter.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Chests that used to drop 2 items only drop 1. Chests that used to drop 3 items only drop 2.
  • Regular chests are now a bit more common. Locked chests are now a bit rarer.
  • Big consumables no longer drop on the ground. Everything is found from chests, houses, and enemies now.
  • The chance of an item dropping from an enemy now scales down the longer you stay on a floor. This isn't based on time, it's based on number of drops.
  • Individual treasure rooms are now more unique, and less random. Treasure rooms always have at least something, and they appear in the middle so you can see right away.
  • Tiny Gift, Sticks and Shrubbery, and Straw and Rope have been changed to reflect this balancing.
  • Minibosses no longer drop both small packs 100% of the time.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Updated the stack limit (number of times each passive can drop) for a few dozen items.
  • Rewrote reloading. Hopefully all of the reloading issues (handgun infinitely reloading, softlocks, etc) are fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where treasure rooms would give the reward for beating a room with enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Bogwood houses would sometimes be empty.
  • Fixed a bug where entering a house in multiplayer would kick everyone from the game.
  • Fixed a few issues with guns being the wrong level.


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Sep 29, 2018

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