v0.7.3 - Making Items Useful

This update focuses on increasing the utility of passive items.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • How stats are handled has been completely changed. Stats are increased after checking for each item, so stat increases are more consistent. The amount that each item increases is higher.
  • The minimum amount of houses that can spawn is now higher, and the maximum is a bit lower. Dollhouse now increases the both instead of only the maximum.
  • Food now increases max HP by 25 instead of 10.
  • Physics Degree is now better, more consistent, and works with Scythe.
  • Welcome Mat heals to max HP instead of 25.
  • Bandana, Half Full Glass, and Half Empty Glass now scale the same way as stats.
  • Strong Self now works for Xandra.
  • Strong Mind now works for Bob, Trench, and Xandra.
  • Strong Heart has been changed for Bob.
  • White Flag and Red Cape now give the weakened and dazed status effects to make what they do more obvious.
  • Syringe now stacks the same way as Pesticide.
  • Warranty increases gun melee damage by more, and scales to your actual damage.
  • Ladybug's chance has been slightly increased.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Strong Self could allow Angler to get a permanent Fishing Rod if he reeled in early.


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Sep 30, 2018

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