v0.7.7 - Balance and Polish and Fixes, Oh My!

I'm sorry for the awful title, starting in 0.8.0 I'm gonna have simpler names. This update makes a ton of awesome changes to improve the game's balance and polish.

Content and Additions:

  • Reworked Sand Shark. He cannot take damage underground, jumps from further away, pauses before jumping, and has a much longer jump. Hitting him reverses his jump instead of taking double knockback.
  • Reworked Bob's active. It has better accuracy but worse damage. The recoil doesn't happen until after you fire. You can cancel it early for less recoil, but you reload no matter what.
  • Added a /peaceful command to disable and enable enemy spawns.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Toy Chest, Gun Crate, and Drawer resprited.
  • Cacti objects resprited.
  • Added very minor particles for player footsteps in Planetree, Sandspring, and Bogwood.
  • Level 3 sparkles and inventory slots are now darker to distinguish them more from level 1.
  • Frog's jump animation extended by 2 frames so he actually goes down.
  • Rocks have shading.
  • Rocks have shadows.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Trench's dash reworked. Dashing while invisible now takes a few frames, so it feels more smooth and can't be spammed as much.
  • Pistol, Emergency Gun, BB, Revolver, Colt, Tranquilizer, and Fungun are now automatic because they were unfun to use.
  • Enemies no longer spawn after the teleporter has been activated. The teleporter has to spawn a certain distance from the spawn point.
  • Bees are faster.
  • Sand Sharks spawn less and only spawn at night.
  • Frogs now jump into the water when you try to shoot them.
  • Pepper Spray Cologne stuns for much longer.
  • Robot Vacuum is now faster the further you are away from it.
  • Shield now uses the same stat system as everything else for defense changing.
  • Explosions now scale to your damage. Works with Wyatt rockets.
  • Nerfed Paw's fire rate.
  • Vacuum Cleaner no longer scales in range with each upgrade. Shot speed no longer affects the starting range.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bread Loaf having incorrect animation and not firing the knife.
  • Fixed Mask Gun only giving the mask effect for 1 frame.
  • Fixed enemies still shooting while masked.
  • Fixed Xandra's active ability cooldown. I buffed it last update but I accidentally made it only buffed with Strong Self.
  • Fixed things like Boombox's shockwave and Fishing Rod's line appearing brown in houses sometimes.
  • Fixed Angler's passive causing enemies who don't aggro to aggro.
  • Fixed Fungun being the wrong level sometimes. This also fixed a crash when picking up a "level 0" or "level 6" Fungun.
  • Fixed Toolboxes not spawning.
  • Fixed wind pushing you through stuff like houses, trees, and rocks.


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Oct 22, 2018

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