v0.7.8 - Seeds

Another all-around update. Seeds are here, along with an improved Camelot.

Content and Additions:

  • Reworked and resprited Camelot. He can spawn Sand Slimes with a kick attack, and stops running less abruptly.
  • Added seeds. You can load a seed with /seed and then an 8 digit string. Currently you can't view your seed, and seeds are still pretty separate from each other, but we'll work more on them later.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Cacti and Quicksand now spawn separately from Palm Trees and lakes in Sandspring Oasis.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Changed the hitbox of almost every enemy to be small rectangles instead of precise shapes. Accuracy and bullet size matters a little more now, and it looks a lot cleaner to hit enemies from the back. This should also help optimization.
  • Wyatt's rocket blast is now based on the rocket speed, so right clicking isn't as powerful as looping it back to you.
  • Toolboxes are rarer.
  • Bandana, Half Full Glass, and Half Empty Glass use the new stat system, so they're much more obvious that they exist.
  • Lowered the radius of White Flag and Red Cape.
  • Sand Sharks are rarer.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Fungun not working on minibosses properly.
  • Fixed Snow Crickets ignoring all wall collision.
  • Fixed enemies casually walking over cold water.
  • Fixed Dreamcatcher always giving damage.


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Oct 24, 2018

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