v0.8.0 - Vast

This update took us a whole month of activity. Writing these update notes might take even longer.

The biggest changes are the new UI, but even that comes with so many great things. Read for yourself!

Content and Additions:

  • Completely redid the menu's UI. There's a start page before the actual menu, the menu background is based off of the real-life time and day, the buttons are smaller and more intuitive, and various parts of the menu give more information.
  • Completely removed the cutscene and added a new character selection screen as part of the new UI.
  • Building off of the UI change, we separated the singleplayer and multiplayer submenus and added a localization category to the settings.
  • Added a "stats and more" button to the menu, clicking on "stats" lets you view your kills and deaths as each character. There is much more to come with stats.
  • Added a tutorial! Wyatt teaches Bob how to play. The tutorial also contains a few easter eggs.
  • Made some progress towards foreign language support. Also added optional profanity filter and military time toggles.
  • Added a mouselock option to the gameplay settings.
  • Added a room editor with furniture and reworked rooms. Currently the room editor is private, but rooms should be much easier to develop. Furniture can spice up the rooms. All previous rooms were removed and a ton were added for this change.
  • Reworked pausing to use the new UI. You can see the game in the background when you pause. Also added the entirety of the options to the pause menu.
  • Reworked mods to use the standard lua style guide. These are still WIP, but an example mod using the new format was added.
  • Seeds actually matter now. Your seed determines the floor generation, chest contents, room types, and various other things.
  • Added two new passives: Hydrophobic Coating and Surveillance Camera.
  • Added a new gun: Cardbine.
  • Added a new consumable: Fortune Cookie.
  • Added 28 fortunes for the new Fortune Cookie consumable. More to come!
  • Added the Sparka enemy to Chillytop Mountains.
  • Added the Water Slime enemy to Sandspring Oasis.
  • Added the Wasp enemy to Bogwood Basin.
  • Added the Clay Slime enemy to Bogwood Basin.
  • Frog is now an actual enemy with lots of fun changes and additions.
  • Added hardcoded synergies! Picking up 2-3 specific items or guns create fun effects. Breadcrumbs and Bread Loaf gives you a large range upgrade for Bread Loaf, and makes your bread bullets reveal the map. Mushroom and Fungun gives you an all stats up for Fungun. Extra Thumb and Handgun doubles the clip size for Handgun. Bandana and Eyepatch make your shots explosive.
  • Added explosive barrels to Sandspring Oasis.
  • Added cauldrons that create poisonous pools of acid in Bogwood Basin.
  • Added a /consumable command to give yourself a consumable.

Aesthetic Changes and Improvements:

  • Moved the item inventory to the pause menu, along with some information about your items.
  • The animation for item text has been cleaned to look a lot less tacked-on.
  • Your clip bar is now colored to show how full or empty your clip is.
  • The houses for Chillytop Mountains and Bogwood Basin have been given more personality.
  • The doors on houses appear opened when you leave them to show that you've already been there.
  • Palm trees in Sandspring Oasis can sometimes have coconuts.
  • Cacti in Sandspring Oasis have more visual variants.
  • Dead Trees in Bogwood Basin have more visual variants.
  • Resprited Meat.
  • Resprited Candy Corn.
  • Resprited the Key consumable.
  • The Toolbox consumable is a bit smaller.
  • Fixed issues with Smoke Mole's canvas.
  • Scythe's icon is a bit smaller.
  • Playing as Angler and/or having the Torch item increases the amount of light at night.

Balance Changes and Tweaks:

  • Removed gun melee. Replaced gun melee with a mechanic called scrapping that gives you your default gun and some ammo in exchange for a gun.
  • Reworked item drops. Firstly, all 3 drop types are the same rarity. Secondly, enemies no longer drop items other than small packs. Lastly, if an item falls in water, it reappears at a safe location. Various balance changes were made to accommodate this.
  • All 41 guns have been changed to have almost identical upgrades. Removed almost all fire rate and reload speed changes from upgrades because they make the gun less skillful.
  • All 41 guns have been changed to have damage values based on how much skill it takes to use the weapon. Low-skill weapons are better early on, high-skill weapons are better later on.
  • A large number of the passive items were given a higher level, either because they deserved it, or because they got buffed in this update.
  • Removed Colt, as it conflicted with Revolver in more than one way.
  • Fully removed the Branch weapons and Granola Bar. These were scrapped weapons but were never actually removed from the game.
  • The seed guarantees that you get a gun on the first floor.
  • Buffed Wyatt a bit to make only right clicking somewhat viable.
  • Warranty has been changed to reflect the gun melee removal. It now gives you more ammo from scrapping.
  • Binoculars is now also a range upgrade.
  • Resourcefulness and Vampire Dentures are now similar items that give you 3 ammo and 1 HP per kill respectively.
  • Bandana, Half Empty Glass, and Half Full Glass now stack infinitely.
  • Painted Horseshoe now attracts small packs from anywhere.
  • Baseball Card and Hunting License have been changed to increase the level of passive and gun drops respectively.
  • Dendromancer's shot speed is now more consistent.

Addressed Issues and Bug Fixes:

  • Reworked explosions entirely to fix consistency and balance issues.
  • Reworked pools on the floor like webs, paintball paint, and ink to fix consistency and balance issues.
  • Rewrote how Paddleball's ball and Robot Vacuum stay with the player to fix various issues with them.
  • Rewrote Mask Gun to fix issues with other things that gave the mask effect.
  • Reworked how trees are optimized. Lots of performance improvements were seen from this.
  • The pause rework should fix various issues with the tree optimizations and pausing indoors.
  • Rewrote how enemies react to liquids. Enemies won't avoid thin ice now, and various special enemies react correctly to different pools.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get two unstackable items by leaving one on the floor.
  • Rewrote enemy speed variation to clean up how enemies move.
  • Increased the size of Camelot's hitbox because it took the biggest hit with the hitbox change.
  • Fixed Emergency Gun not working at all.
  • Fixed a bug where you could walk into structures while it was windy.
  • Fixed Trench's defense change not being affected by passives.
  • Added a minimum of 0.1 to each stat and a maximum of 6.0 to speed.


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Nov 26, 2018

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