Week 2 - Honey

Weekly Update #2 - Honey

Time to kick off the weekly updates with some new items and such! A patch will be put out later today to include finished sprites for Adrenaline Spike and Fuzzy Dice.

  • Four new passive items: Honey, Fragile Soul, Adrenaline Spike, and Pool Cue.
  • New Sandspring enemy: Water Slime.
  • Two new consumables added: Sol and Fuzzy Dice.
  • Added Finnish as a language, thanks to Dufl3y.
  • Added a command console that allows you to give yourself items and guns.
  • Passive item levels are now based on rarity instead of world.
  • Generation was altered to hopefully be more open and smooth.
  • Certain enemies are now immune to certain terrain.
  • Teleporter resprited. There is now an individual teleporter sprite for each area.
  • Sniper Rifle, Bow, and Laser Gun were given more accuracy.
  • Fixed a major issue where you could break enemy pathfinding by standing right beside a solid object.


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May 03, 2019

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