Week 3 - Cold Blooded

Weekly Update #3 - Cold Blooded

This week we focused on making temperature threatening, but we ended up doing much more.

  • Added functional seeds! You can type a six-character seed from the character selection screen, but it disables achievements.
  • Added daily runs! Every day there's a different seed with unique modifiers, and you can compete with others for a spot on an online leaderboard.
  • Temperature matters. If your temperature goes above 90% on either side, you start taking damage over time. You prevent this by hopping in lakes to cool off or going near campfires to warm up. Good luck!
  • Loops are way cooler. Starting on loop 1, All enemies can spawn in every world. Various tweaks and optimizations were made to account for a large amount of enemies.
  • Added a very small amount of sound effects. Over time we'll add and change them.
  • New Planetree enemy: Bush.
  • New Chillytop enemy: Snowhopper.
  • New Bogwood enemy: Poison Slime.
  • Pyrotechnics is now faster and can be used to knock yourself around.
  • Two new fortunes: Upgraded and Downgraded.
  • Added an explosive barrel to Sandspring Oasis.
  • Added a skip command to the console.
  • Added partial support for DirectInput controllers like the Switch Pro Controller. They should work, but the bindable button names might not be accurate.
  • Increased the shot speed of most player bullets.
  • Made it so that you can't spawn on special terrain like quicksand or water.
  • The minimum gun level that can spawn on each floor has been increased. There are only level 3s and 4s in Chillytop, for instance.
  • All characters now start with a key.
  • Rob now starts with 40 extra max ammo instead of 100 to put him on par with Wyatt's passive.
  • Clay Slime has less HP.
  • Walking into enemies with Cherry now deactivates deathrattles.
  • Extra thumb is now a charge speed up.
  • The damage decay from piercing weapons is harsher.
  • Discord rich presence shows your loop number.
  • Honey now makes affected grass always animate.
  • Laser Gun now accounts for direction changes visually, so it looks really cool with Pool Cue.
  • Fixed an issue where charmed enemies could randomly die when you entered the next floor.
  • Possibly fixed a rare crash with particles. We'll see.


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May 10, 2019

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