Week 4 - Smoke Mole

Weekly Update #4 - Smoke Mole

Much of this week's content is WIP, but it's a step in the right direction.

  • The first miniboss has been added to Planetree Pasture. Smoke Mole! He's mostly done, but the death animation didn't make it in time.
  • Two new passives: Telekinesis and Acorn.
  • A new gun: Boombox.
  • Added pumpkins to Bogwood Basin.
  • LOTS of particles were added and changed in various parts of the game.
  • WIP houses were added to each floor.
  • WIP shop chests were added to houses.
  • WIP boss floors were added to each world.
  • WIP special consumables were added to boss floors.
  • A WIP bestiary was added to the menu.
  • Fixed a bug where controller players were able to shoot charged weapons immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where DirectInput controllers would show the wrong binds.
  • Fixed an issue where German and Finnish time showed the wrong number at noon and midnight.
  • Fixed a bug with Tranquilizer involving state changes.


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May 17, 2019

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