Week 5 - Vampire Dentures

Weekly Update #5 - Vampire Dentures

This week was a small break from the month-long frenzy of work. There was a patch uploaded on Monday with the following changes:

  • Boombox and Laser Gun now do less damage.
  • Bow and Pyrotechnics now do more damage.
  • Boombox and Dark Matter Lightbulb synergize properly.
  • Homing from Telekinesis stacks is way less intense.
  • Homing shots no longer home on friendly enemies.

And everything that was changed since then:

  • Vampire Dentures was changed to only heal for a total of 20 HP per floor, stacks increasing this amount.
  • Smoke Mole has a shorter interval in between each attack.
  • Smoke Mole creating fakes is guaranteed instead of a chance.
  • Medkits restore full HP instead of 50.
  • Ammo Packs restore full ammo instead of 100.
  • Trash Cans drop level 5 starters on loops.
  • The daily modifier "Substitute" was replaced with "Backup." It gives you an additional starter weapon instead of replacing it.
  • Explosions are bigger.


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May 24, 2019

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