Week 7 - Carrot

I found myself with an extra week at home. This update's a big one, with elite enemies and weather events!

  • New passive item: Carrot.
  • Two new guns: Paintball Gun and Cardbine.
  • New Sandspring enemy: Sand Shark.
  • Added six new weather events that can randomly appear in the forecast.
  • Added elite enemies that start spawning after the first in-game day. There are currently four different elites that make enemies harder.
  • Added eight music tracks to the game, two more for each world. They play in a random order each run.
  • Added six new daily modifiers.
  • Reloading now presents a line above your character displaying the reload progress.
  • Pill Bottle now has an instant reload.
  • Melee slices and explosions have much better hitboxes.
  • Added a sound effect for entering houses.
  • Added a GameMaker Studio 2 splash screen to the intro.
  • Added seven entries to the Bestiary.
  • Fixed several bugs and issues with the Bestiary UI.
  • Fixed a bug where houses could spawn too close to other objects.
  • Fixed a visual bug with melee weapons and Dark Matter Lightbulb.
  • Fixed a small bug with buying Acorn.


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Jun 07, 2019

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