Week 8 - Disposable Camera

Weekly Update #8 - Disposable Camera

Today marks the end of the second month of weekly updates! This week has a decent amount of new content.

  • Two new passives: Disposable Camera and Ice Cream.
  • Two new guns: Spider Rifle and Paw.
  • Added two new elites.
  • Sandspring Oasis now has a humidity to help with the theme. Based on the weather, the world will switch between humid and arid. The visuals for this are WIP.
  • Many changes were made to the item drops. Trash cans are gone, a modified version of scrapping is back (hold e), and passives/guns are more separated. Expect more changes over time to test out how the game feels with different drop conditions.
  • Track Shoes has been reworked to deal damage while dashing. Stacks increase dash damage instead of speed.
  • Cardbine now shows you the hand name and value when you get a hand of 5 cards.
  • Some enemies were given small max HP changes.
  • Charmed enemies no longer target other charmed enemies, and don't shoot when they have no target.
  • The command console separates the /skip and /next commands. You can now use the console to skip time.
  • You can press the up arrow key while the console is open to repeat the last command you typed.
  • Achievements are visually a little cleaner. They're still WIP, though.
  • The Bestiary and character select screen is cleaner and animated. This is still WIP, though.
  • Smoke Mole has no wait time in between each animation, making him significantly faster.
  • Explosions are bigger. Again.
  • Elites are visually different. They now have an icon above them and they aren't tinted.
  • Charmed enemies are visually different. They now have an icon above them and they aren't tinted.
  • Needle and piercing weapons now synergize.
  • Honey now spawns 5 charmed enemies instead of 1 when you catch something.
  • Fragile Soul now spawns you with 20 max HP instead of 1.
  • Certain enemies have larger leaf particles when they die.
  • Freezes from Pengun cap at a max of 5 hits at a time.
  • Fixed a few issues with reloading.


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Jun 14, 2019

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