Week 10 - Empty Can

Weekly Update #10 - Empty Can

And we're back in the swing of things! This update has a lot of tweaks and fixes to keep the game presentable as we move forward.

  • Backpack (Alexandra's old passive) is back. Travel Snack didn't cut it, so it was replaced with a new and improved Backpack.
  • Empty Can has been repurposed after the removal of trash cans. It gives you more Sol and ammo from scrapping.
  • All bullets except Boomerang and Fishing Rod fade away on the rough, which makes it behave more like a wall.
  • All enemies now wait until you see them to start doing things. This should spread out the action across the duration of the floor.
  • Elite enemies can no longer spawn after the beginning of the level. No more elite minibosses, no more elite slimes from Clay Slime, no more orange bees that spawn purple bees that split into exploding bees.
  • HP scaling for all enemies has been retooled to match the floor. This means all enemies on loops have the same HP as Bogwood enemies.
  • Handgun was buffed to use half ammo.
  • Cardbine was buffed. The game now chooses your best possible hand instead of only picking the first 5 cards. The chip shotgun has much more range, accuracy, and damage.
  • Pill Bottle now works with Mag Dump. It also has a fast reload that feels much better than the original Pill Bottle.
  • Small Purple Slimes are a bit slower. You're welcome.
  • Dead Tree animations were touched up.
  • The house is now locked while fighting the miniboss.
  • The house is now room temperature and weather does not happen while inside.
  • The house has been slightly touched up to be more presentable. It is still WIP.
  • Most bullets have a minor visual indicator when Angler's damage dropoff takes effect.
  • Explosions only deal damage on the first frame of their existence, so walking into explosions doesn't cause weird unexpected damage.
  • Smoke Mole now blinks white to indicate when he explodes.
  • Fake Smoke Moles now despawn when Smoke Mole starts his running attack.
  • Fixed Smoke Mole only doing his spawn animation sometimes.
  • Fixed Laser Gun and Bandana causing weird spaghetti lasers.
  • Fixed many bugs with Mag Dump reloading.
  • Fixed another crash with anvils.
  • Fixed an issue where Tiny Gift could drop items in the rough.
  • Fixed a bug with pausing during a Honey battle sequence.


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Jun 28, 2019

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