Week 11 - Ring

Weekly Update #11 - Ring

This is a fun update that adds finished achievements, a challenges page, and some more content.

  • Added a new passive item: Ring.
  • Added a new gun: Grenade Launcher.
  • Achievements are finished. Some items have to be unlocked!
  • Added a challenges page with one challenge: Purist.
  • Flower's spritework has been heavily touched up.
  • Smoke Mole's bomb is now animated.
  • Angler's unlock condition has been changed to be easier.
  • Acorn was changed to only spawn four permanent trees instead of four new ones per floor.
  • The chill effect from Pengun and Ice Cream returns to normal slightly faster.
  • Lowered Clay Slime's HP.
  • Sand Shark is now more consistent and doesn't idle after jumps.
  • Bow's charge speed was slightly increased.
  • Boomerang's damage was slightly increased.
  • Cold Blooded was changed to only create particles when your temperature changed from it.
  • Certain particles were changed to have an effect when they touch the player.
  • Fixed a bug where footprints would be imprinted in Chillytop houses.
  • Fixed a bug where Alexandra consumables would carry onto the next floor.
  • Fixed a bug where Clay Slime and purple elites would carry their offspring onto the next floor.
  • Fixed a bug where entering and exiting houses would cause particles to behave strangely.
  • Fixed various issues with Smoke Mole's bomb.


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Jul 05, 2019

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