Week 14 - Pool Cue

Weekly Update #14 - Pool Cue

Oh boy. This week is a game changer.

  • Removed ammo types. All guns have their own individual max ammo and use one of its ammo per shot. This is a huge change, so definitely tell us what you think!
  • Ammo Packs, Special Medkits, Special Ammo Packs, and the "refilled' fortune refill your current gun. The "emptied" fortune cuts your current gun's ammo in half.
  • Special Ammo Packs also give all guns +20% more max ammo, including future guns.
  • Rob's passive was changed to give all guns 20% more max ammo, including future guns.
  • Added small packs! Killing enemies has a chance to drop a small pack, which can either refill 10 HP or 10% of your current gun's ammo.
  • Dark grass, or "rough," has changed into walls! Now they look and function exactly like walls. Angler can use Go Fish to hook onto the new walls. Trees only spawn on walls, not grass.
  • Floor generation has been given some extra attention so that some areas are more open. Unaligned tiles are way less common.
  • 6 new passive items: Jumping Plague, Leaky Pipe, Mushroom, Robot Vacuum, Rubber Gloves, and Chlorophyll. Please excuse the placeholder sprites, our artists are working on future stuff!
  • Fragile Soul has been reworked and revived. It now turns you into a ghost until you get hit, once per floor.
  • Pool Cue has been reworked and revived. It's actually viable because walls exist.
  • Houses have enemies, doors, and return pads! They're much more fleshed out, but still not fully done. Stay tuned!
  • Shop prices are now based on rarity and world.
  • There was an oversight where enemies in Chillytop, in Bogwood, and on loops had more HP than intended. This has been fixed, so enemies later on have much less HP.
  • Starter weapons no longer have less damage scaling when upgraded.
  • Wyatt's passive has been changed to Plated, which gives him explosion immunity.
  • Blaster now pierces.
  • Knife is much faster and does much less damage. Using Knife while invisible makes it behave like it used to.
  • Holding tab reveals your items.
  • Temperature has been given more attention. It now deals 10 damage per 5 seconds, but the natural increase/decrease is a bit faster.
  • Starting weapons automatically upgrade when you enter a new world, instead of having to scrap to upgrade them.
  • Special Medkit and Special Ammo box now automatically use themselves like passives.
  • The chance of Markers working is based on ammo cost. This balance tweak was made before the ammo change, so retrospectively, it doesn't do much. Markers will definitely be given some more thought in the future.
  • Cuckoo now disables itself while your gun is on cooldown.
  • Empty Can no longer gives ammo and only increases the Sol amount by 1.
  • Disposable Camera now only counts hits on non-frozen enemies.
  • Tiny Gift now guarantees that the drops are passives.
  • Ironed out every single edgecase with Cardbine hand priority.
  • Shotguns now deal less knockback.
  • Cardbine bullets now animate differently so it's easier to see their suit.
  • Cuckoo, Markers, and Modeling Clay were given better temporary sprites.
  • Bush's death leaves are orange instead of green.
  • To unlock Alexandra, you no longer have to clear every chest, only enemies.
  • Fixed a crash on startup when choosing a random character.
  • Scrapping from your hand is visually cleaner.
  • Fixed a visual bug with scrapping starters and ammoless weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Purist challenge would remove Special Medkit and Special Ammo Box.
  • Fixed a bug where wind could push things in and out of walls.
  • Fixed a bug where explosions could only hit a limited number of enemies.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Flower's blow particles would linger under his pot.


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Jul 26, 2019

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