Week 16 - Fortune Cookie

Weekly Update #16 - Fortune Cookie

There was a large hotfix last Sunday that fixed an exploit with dailies, so here's everything that was added on Sunday:

  • Secured dailies. This process is still in development, but dailies are much harder to hack, thanks to tomdrc1.
  • The game now uses your itch username for dailies, while guests get their old username. New guests get a persistent randomized username.
  • The daily modifier that starts you on loop 1 now gives you a level 5 starter like it should.
  • Removed the daily modifier that gives you a level 5 starter and replaced it with one that gives double room reward chances.
  • Removed the daily modifier that removes a gun slot and replaced it with one that only drops one boss reward.
  • The minimum distance between campfires was decreased immensely.
  • Fixed an amazing bug where Markers could allow you to generate infinite Boomerangs and Rocks, which you could scrap for infinite money.
  • Fixed the interior of houses looking like black abysses of doom.

I was away for three days this week, but as always, we managed to power through and put out some stuff.

  • Houses are no longer WIP! Just kidding, they totally are. Just not any more WIP than the rest of the game.
  • Added 6 new fortunes for Fortune Cookie.
  • Did some experimenting and shooting up and down feels much better.
  • Added shadows!
  • Experimented with Pyrotechnics' clip size, fire rate, and some other stats. Shooting a single rocket should now be much more viable. Let me know what you think.
  • Charmed enemy AI is much smarter.
  • Charmed enemies can no longer be elites.
  • Added some pretty fireflies to Planetree and Bogwood at night time. They're purely visual.
  • Sleep darts from Tranquilizer and Dreamcatcher have a higher chance to work.
  • Disposable Camera has a small radius for it to work. This is probably temporary because we plan to give this item a cool visual.
  • Rubber Gloves' effective radius is much smaller.
  • Robot Vacuum is now a level 2 and does more damage.
  • Campfires are warmer. You now have more time before you need to go near one again.
  • Return pads automatically scrap all drops on the ground.
  • Return pads no longer snap the camera.
  • Fixed and cleaned up some issues with enemies walking over walls.
  • Increased the screenshake amount on many weapons to make it better reflect their power.
  • Fixed Smoke Mole's death animation freezing.
  • Fixed some small issues with spawning/transforming enemies indoors.
  • The house's hitbox is higher up in the back so it's harder for enemies to camp behind it.
  • Fixed a large lagspike whenever the humidity changed.
  • Made unnoticeable changes to Acorn tree HP and and sleep dart chances.
  • Removed neutral grass skidding particles from enemies, it was contributing to lag more-so than anything else in the game, and it was almost impossible to notice.
  • Fixed small packs and other homing particles disappearing when off-screen.


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Aug 09, 2019

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