Week 17 - Camelot

Weekly Update #17 - Camelot

The second miniboss, Camelot, is here! He's still missing a bit of what we have planned for him, but he's definitely playable.

  • Added Camelot, the first Sandspring miniboss.
  • Added 8 new passive items: Candy Heart, Shirt Pocket, Extra Arm, Dumbbell, Chewing Gum, Steady Sleeves, Pepperoni Pizza, and Sandwich.
  • Removed Contact Lenses for good.
  • Added a new challenge called Roller Mode. I hope you enjoy it.
  • After looping, boss rewards are replaced with a choice between two level 1 passives. Fixed a bug where you could scrap boss rewards for free.
  • Honey was reworked to be less annoying and many balance changes were made to it.
  • Acorn was reworked so the charmed trees have normal HP, but respawn at the beginning of each floor if they die.
  • The freeze effect was heavily nerfed again and doesn't allow permanent freezing.
  • Rubber Gloves and Disposable Camera were fixed to not have infinite range.
  • Added smoother transitions between weather.
  • Added a sun visual in Sandspring.
  • Changed rain visuals.
  • Minibosses and Angler have larger light sources.
  • Smoke Mole was renamed to Pyrodent.


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Aug 16, 2019

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