Week 18 - Dreamcatcher

Weekly Update #18 - Dreamcatcher

This week, I took a much needed break. Even after the addition of Camelot, I was still able to get things done.

  • Lighter Fluid was reworked to be a chance to work. Stacks increase chance instead of damage.
  • Dreamcatcher was reworked to not block bullets. Instead, shooting through Dreamcatcher causes your bullets to home and sleep.
  • Holding tab shows some information, along with your passive inventory. You can now check what floor you're on, your kill count, and the amount of time that has passed since the beginning of the run.
  • Leaky Pipe was changed so enemies that linger on leaks don't get shredded as easily.
  • Made some changes to Camelot. Most importantly, when he can stomp is now based on an attack cooldown, and it no longer has a chance to replace the charge.
  • Changed some balance numbers with Steady Sleeves, Shirt Pocket, Extra Thumb, Extra Arm, and Dumbbell.
  • Boombox, Handgun, and Laser Gun no longer create weird light sources.
  • Removed unnecessary particles.
  • Fixed a bug where using Fuzzy Dice on a gun would screw up its ammo and clip.


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Aug 23, 2019

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