Week 19 - Attachment

Weekly Update #19 - Attachment

This is one of the larger updates we've had recently, but it's pretty scattered.

  • Four new consumables: Small Sol, Armor, Golden Cookie, and Hand Mirror.
  • Seven new passive items: Painted Horseshoe, Resourcefulness, Scythe, Pesticide, Contact Lenses, Attachment, Ink.
  • We've finally decided that every item being stackable limits the design too much. Many items have been changed to only stack a limited number of times, and the seed guarantees that you never get useless items.
  • You can now navigate the menus with controller.
  • Hitting escape or B returns to the previous menu.
  • Added Credits. These only appear on the menu if you've beaten Bogwood Basin at least once.
  • Added a majority of the entries to the Bestiary. Added a Feastiary. The Bestiary entries must be unlocked, and once unlocked, you can keep track of your individual kills.
  • Moved the daily button to the main menu.
  • Added more achievements.
  • Added a Flawless challenge.
  • Guns have a low chance to have a keyword.
  • Gun drops have been changed to be weighted towards the lower level. For instance, on Sandspring, you are much more likely to find a level 2 than a level 3.
  • Normal chests were changed to guarantee level 1 items, while the rest work like before.
  • Consumables can't be scrapped anymore.
  • Empty Can has been changed back to 5 extra Sol per stack.
  • Camelot has been visually and mechanically touched up, but we're putting him on hiatus so we can make more progress.
  • Shield now reflects bullets. Paw now deflects bullets.
  • Added a visual effect to Mushroom.
  • Added a visual effect to Disposable Camera and changed its hitbox to match.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Bread Loaf, Pill Bottle, and Cardbine bullet particles would appear too high.
  • Lowered the particle amount for normal bullets and lasers.
  • Increased Pumpkin's hitbox size.
  • Cauldrons don't freak out if you have spectral shots anymore.


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Aug 30, 2019

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