Week 20 - Chaos Cannon

Weekly Update #20 - Chaos Cannon

Today is a milestone for many things. Twenty consecutive weekly updates is one thing, but we also hit fifty passive items and a Linux build. Slightly unrelated, but I'm also using butler to push builds now.

Before I go on about the Linux build, I would like to point out that it's almost completely untested, as I don't actually own a Linux machine. I can guarantee that it runs without crashes, but after that you're on your own. If you notice anything wrong with it, definitely let us know in the Discord server!

One more thing to note! Our team has recently rerouted our priorities a bit. We're going to be focusing a bit less on presentation until the minibosses and bosses are implemented. We realize that a lot of our time has been spent on polish when the game isn't even finished yet! So, definitely be aware of WIP content. Especially minibosses: Camelot isn't done and won't be done for a while.

  • Added a build for Linux users. Please read the second paragraph above!
  • Added two new passives: Snorkel and Wishbone.
  • Added three new guns: Double Handgun, Chaos Cannon, and Paddleball.
  • Added gun rarity. Currently, this mechanic is used for similar guns. For example, Handgun and Double Handgun have rarities of 8 and 2, respectively, while most other guns have a rarity of 10. Paintball Shotgun and Paintball Rifle were given rarities so they can drop without drowning out the pool.
  • Added a new consumable: Dog Tag.
  • Added Sawbuck, the first miniboss in Chillytop Mountains. If you read above, you probably guessed that he's VERY WIP.
  • Added three new keywords: Glowing, Critical, and Bursting. I plan on making this number exceed 20, right now we're at 16.
  • Overhauled world generation. Dirt is back in Planetree Pasture; it was accidentally removed. Increased tree and rock fidelity. Rocks can spawn outside of Planetree Pasture (with temporary sprites of course). Trees and rocks can spawn near the bottoms of walls. Optimized tile placement and objects that are off the screen.
  • The daily screen now shows your username and profile picture. Your profile picture appears as a black square if you're not using the itch app.
  • Buttons on the menu have smoother animations when switching between them; this was a common complaint.
  • Small packs now only attract to you if you're near them, and they can despawn after a certain amount of time.
  • The health bar looks way better. The old health bar was ugly. This is an objective statement.
  • Rocks can be exploded! Also they have a minuscule chance to drop a level one Rock because why not?
  • Fixed countless issues with the gun inventory regarding Attachment and keywords, Anvils, throwable guns like Boomerang and Rock, Fishing Rod, Pyrotechnics, and more. Normally I put bug fixes at the end, but this is like, literally dozens of fixes.
  • Added back the infamous string physics. Currently, Fishing Rod, Spider Rifle, and Paddleball use this advanced technology.
  • Homing logic is smarter.
  • Fixed a piercing issue regarding already piercing guns.
  • Glowing bullets now have visuals!
  • Crit bullets have better visuals so they can visually synergize with Needle and dark matter bullets.
  • Cardbine chips now pierce.
  • Cold Blooded and Purple Hoodie only stack once.
  • Rain and wind have thinner effect lines.
  • Robot Vacuum has a sprite! Just for the passive icon, though. It's been a while, huh?
  • Tweaked how Vulchers spawn from despawning sandcastles to make it look less snappy.
  • Changed the "Hunt" daily modifier to only affect the gun's fire rate instead of both fire rate and damage.
  • Edited the credits following a request.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets with large hitboxes wouldn't hit tall grass, barrels, pumpkins, and cauldrons.
  • Fixed all the edge cases with Cardbine. I know I've said this multiple times, but this time I spent a very long time writing an environment to make sure everything works as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Sandwich's flavor text would flicker between the two alternate descriptions. This was fixed by spawning each player with a preset opinion. This means Sandwich stacks have a persistent flavor text within runs.

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